SPRECbase is  a standalone database application supporting a generation and storage of SPREC codes associated to sample identifiers. This is intended to support the adoption of the SPREC, and can be included in any typical LIS by developing suitable interfaces for data transfer.


 SPRECbase provides the following functionalities:

  1. input of preanalytical information concerning the samples to be SPREC-coded: currently this information has to be introduced by an operator;
  2. the SPREC is generated based on the preanalytical information associated to specimens and stored locally; it is highly desirable that SPREC is stored together with the identification code of the samples; the current version of the application generates a unique identification code for internal purposes (currently hidden to the user for avoiding confusion). Optionally the user can input the LIS identification code, which is stored with the preanalytical data;
  3. the SPREC code, both in text and bar code can be printed on the labels tagging the tubes, possibly with the      unique identifier of the specimen;
  4. the generated SPREC codes can be stored in the LIS.

Generating and collecting the SPREC codes of the specimens stored in the Biobank brings benefits from two points of view. In the first place, the SPREC code, stored in the database, helps to identify specimens with given features, and to promptly meet both internal and external requirements.Secondly, if the specimens are sent to a final destination outside the Biobank, the receiver organization can easily restore the information associated to the SPREC code.